How To Use Hair Sticks

HairJems Hair Sticks Illustrated Instructions

Create an Elegant Easy Updo in under a minute


1) Brush and gather your hair into a ponytail


2) Twist the ponytail to form a coil. Keep twisting until only a couple of inches remain.

3) Coil your hair around to form a bun.

4) Tuck the ends underneath the bun.


5) Holding your hair stick by the “stick” portion NOT the beaded topper…

6) ...push the stick through the top third of the bun and extend the tip out 1-2” (2.5 - 5.1 cm).


7) Touch the tip of the hair stick to your scalp.


8) Without lifting the tip from your scalp, pivot the stick to reverse its direction.


9) Drag the stick across the scalp as you push it through (not underneath) the bun…


10) ...and out through the bottom.



11) The finished classic knot or chignon.



12) For extra thick, very long hair or for a more elaborate look, insert a second stick using the same technique (steps #5 through #10)


Usage and Care Tips

ALWAYS hold your hair stick by the actual “stick” portion, NOT by the beaded topper when inserting or removing it from your hair. 

DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE when pushing the hair stick through the bun, let it glide comfortably across the scalp. Failure to do so could result in damage or breakage to either the beaded topper or actual stick. 

My refund policy does not cover broken or damaged hair sticks due to product abuse or improper use or handling

To avoid breaking or chipping crystals, glass beads or gemstones, do not drop your hair sticks onto hard surfaces.

Hair sticks are meant for use by adults, as they have sharp ends. Please keep them away from small children.